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Wales; land of the sheep’s, diamond in the British Isles, or the heaven on earth. The breathtaking scenery of the mountainous country with the valleys, rivers, rich wildlife, rocky coastlines and stunning national parks will blow you away. The country is located South-West of Great Britain and knows a unique culture including its own language called Welsh.


The landscape of Wales sets up perfect for the outdoor adventure. Whether you want to go hiking, rock climbing, horse riding, fishing or want to try the bush craft and foraging. Prefer a watersport? Wales has much to offer like canoeing, kayaking, rafting, coasteering, kite surfing and even regular surfing and scuba diving.

Prefer a little less adventures? Then the castles, theatre, gardens and museums will amaze you. Tell Wayfarer Myanmar what your wishes are and we will make the perfect customized itinerary for you!

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