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The Netherlands is the country of tulips, (wind)mills, canals and cheese. The biggest known city and capital is Amsterdam. Many tourists who are coming to the Netherlands only visit this beautiful capital city. Despite that the Netherlands is only a small country it has a lot to offer for tourists. From picturesque cities to the hidden gem villages between the agriculture of the country.

One of the upcoming new tourist’s spots is the student city called Groningen, located in the north of the Netherlands. A city overflowing with restaurants, bars and pubs. Famous for its Groninger museum, d’olle grieze which is also known as the Martini Tower, and the welcoming and up living people. Try the local snack: de eierbal (eggball) which you can only buy in Groningen. Half an hour drive throughout the farmer’s area will take you to the North Sea where you can spot the islands in the far distance or even go mudflat walking to one of the islands.

The country's natural beauty will astonish you and definitely makes it a must visit destination. Wayfarer Myanmar knows all the ins and outs of the country and can organize the perfect tour throughout the country just for you!

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