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Sustainable tourism is simply the act of making a positive difference to the environment, society and economy of the destinations. Wayfarer Myanmar is working hard to become a Travelife partner and to make the world a better place for travelers, the environment and the local population.

Myanmar is an upcoming tourism destination and Wayfarer Myanmar wants to contribute into making sure the country becomes a green destination, so that future travelers can enjoy the uniqueness and beauty of the country in a responsible and sustainable way.

Therefore our mission is to improve the lives of the locals, their cultures and environment of the destinations, whilst offering the best travel experience possible.

Our core values are:

  • To respect the local cultures

  • Maintain the natural environment

  • Protecting the wildlife

  • Protecting the destinations we offer for the visitors and locals


At the office of Wayfarer Myanmar we practice several actions to protect the environment. Examples are:

  • Usage of reusable glass bottles to reduce plastic                              

  • The usage of LED light bulbs to reduce energy

  • We create awareness of sustainability with our staff. We encourage them to:

    • Switch off the lights

    • Switching off the air condition when no-one is in the room

    • Print on double sides of the paper

    • Reuse stationaries

  • We encourage our partners (hotels, guides, drivers etc.) to promote sustainability

  • We buy our products at local shops and encourage our clients and partners to do the same

Action steps:

  • To become Travelife certified

  • Promoting to buy from locals, support locally owned businesses and ensure that a reasonable amount of the total travel expenditure is received locally.

  • Share the knowledge and encourage sustainability

  • Develop a social media sustainability policy

  • Continually improve our impacts/effects by measuring and monitoring

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