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Northern Ireland, the country of medieval castles and ruins, historic and modern attractions, wonderful scenery and the country where the unsinkable ship that sank was built. Northern Ireland is close-packed which means you can get a taste of all the different cities, the coastlines, lakes, mountains and all the other endless activities you can do during your holiday.

Belfast (the capital city) alone has boundless of activities for everyone. Families might enjoy the w5 which is an award winning interactive science center providing a unique experience for visitors of all ages. If you are interested in the Titanic or museums in general, then the world’s largest attraction is right around the corner which is one of the must-visit museums in Northern-Ireland.

Try Guinness in one of the many Irish bars, hit a golf ball on a world-class golf course or walk the Gobbins cliff path also known as the mile of wonder, a pathway through caves, cliffs and where bridges carry you over the crashing waves. Book with Wayfarer Myanmar and explore all the hidden gems that northern Irelands has to offer!

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