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Republic of the Union of Myanmar (Burma) is a country with a population of about 55 million people and covers approximately 677.000 square kilometers. The country is divided into 8 divisions and 7 states all with different ethnic groups; for example the Bamar, Shan, Karen etc. All of the ethnic groups have their own traditional characteristics. 

The official language is Myanmar, however because of the variety of ethnic groups there are various languages. English is commonly used since the country has been an old colony of Great Britain.

In 2005 the government relocated the capital of Yangon to Nay Pyi Taw. Nevertheless, Yangon (formally Rangoon) remains the biggest city and is also the arrival point for most visitors.

Since the political changes over the years, Myanmar opened the borders for tourists, trade unions and the media. By opening up the country, the economy is improving tremendously. New destinations are rising as the existing destination become more and more popular. 

Myanmar is a big country and the temperatures can vary significantly. The country has 3 official seasons; hot season , starting in February until May it can be cloudy and dusty, temperatures can rise up to 40 degrees. The rainy season, starting in May until mid October and the cold season which starts in November till January. 

The people of Myanmar are warm and welcoming. Approximately 90% of the people practice Buddhism. Religion is a very big part of the culture. Other unique cultural aspects of Myanmar are the architectures, wood carvings, handicrafts, lacquer-ware, traditional clothing, weaving, literature and martial arts.

A common thing to do while doing business in Myanmar is exchanging business cards. Doing business involves patience and willingness to build a trustworthy friendship. It takes time to do business with a local, trying the fast-track way can be seen as offensive.

The currency the people use is the Kyat.

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