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Australia is a remote and incredible place, and a very popular travel destination. No matter what your travel style is there is something that draws you here. Its natural beauty is astonishing. 89% of the locals live along the coastlines in the cities and that is not peculiar because Australia has some of the best cities in the world. Sydney is the capital city and has some spectacular views like the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House.

Water Sports are fairly popular like surfing the waters and diving in the Great Barrier Reef or if you are at the West coast the Ningaloo Reef. The country also has one of the best wildlife scenery to offer, that you can find nowhere else in the world.

From the rocky Ulura, Sandy Frasy Island, The Daintree rainforest, the white sandy beaches, the wine growing regions, to the wild lands. Wayfarer Myanmar is here for you to get the real Australian experience!

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