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Myo Pyi Sone

Wayfarer Myanmar Travel and Tours is a registered tour company handling inbound tours as well as outbound tours. Wayfarer is an associate of the CBI And Travelife.

Wayfarer Myanmar Travel and Tours  aims to operate a tourism business that delivers quality tourism products, whilst operating in an environmentally sensitive manner that delivers social, economic and cultural benefits to Myanmar communities, whilst trying to minimize any negative social or environmental consequences of tourism impacts.

The office of the tour operator is located in Yangon and is headed by Myo Pyi Sone, together with a small team of young and energetic travel professionals in Myanmar. The aim of Wayfarer Myanmar Travels and Tours is to show their clients the best of Myanmar in an interactive and original way. We wish to extend a helping hand to welcome all visitors to our country, Myanmar.

The company is specialized in providing customized travel experiences for both inbound travel to Myanmar as well as to outbound traveling to Southeast Asian Countries, European countries and Australia. As well as handling both domestic and international flights and hotels

reservations. We have cordial relationships with hotels, car rentals, and airlines.

If the clients would like to seek advice from the professional team,

they also serve as a travel consultant for our clients.

The company also provides car rental services as well as well

experienced and knowledgeable tourist guides and translators

in various languages.

Every tour is customized and individualized according to the

clients’ needs. With a dedicated focus on experiencing the best

from travel, the team is able to cater for any desire at any budget –

whether it’s customized itinerary for couples on romantic trips,

family members and friends who wish to go on exploration of

new pristine places, and even to an individual traveler looking for

peace and tranquility in this Golden Land called Myanmar.


In short; part of our services include:

* Flight Tickets

    (International and Domestic)

* Accommodation

* Car Rental

* Tailor-made Holidays

* Education Trips

* Travel Consultancy

* Tour Guide Services

* Meetings and Conventions

* Group Tours

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